The Brand

NewRoxity features lux, trendy Druzy jewelry designs handmade in Los Angeles.  Our pieces celebrate the beauty of nature.  Each raw stone is one-of-a-kind, varying in shape, texture & sparkle. 

Los Angeles & New York City based jewelry designer, Laura Tabano, hand selects each stone from a carefully curated list of Gem vendors and then hand crafts each piece in her Santa Monica studio.  

Each NewRoxity necklace and ring piece is inspired by style trends and Mother Nature. We believe in quality over quantity; available color palettes change frequently to reflect the finest offerings at any given time.

We strive to source from local artisans and small businesses as much as possible. 

As far as styling, we highly encourage layering your NewRoxity necklaces and rings for the hottest look!

The Designer

Founder & Designer of NewRoxity, Laura Tabano, has always been mesmerized by raw stones.  Throughout her childhood, she collected Rocks from her local Nature store...keeping them in a glass display box with a special pocket for each one.  She loved to learn about the stones' metaphysical qualities and share her treasures with friends & family.

With an innate knack for sales and creative design, rocks began adorning Laura’s bookmarks, boxes and jewelry chains.  Her first business (at age 6!) was appropriately named "Laura's Everything Store." Her confidence and passion were undeniable - anything you wanted, she would find a way to create!

Inspiration and excitement from her entrepreneurial endeavors grew over time. Laura’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to attend New York University's Stern School of Business.  After NYU, Laura pursued a career in Digital Media, currently working as an Account Director at Spotify. 

Laura resides in Santa Monica with her husband, Brett, and Goldendoodle pup, Bambi.